Children are a vulnerable group, since their bodies are still developing and the need of nutrition is large in order to ensure healthy brain development and physical and mental wellbeing.

Most of children’s diets today don’t contain the required range of nutrients their body´s need. moringacan help to improve childrens intake of nutrients as it is completely natural. It contains calcium which is important in order in building strong bones and teeth.

moringa contains Magnesium which is important to several body functions such as the muscles, nerves and heart. It boosts your immune system and strengthens bones. moringa also contains iron which is important for the oxygen absorption ability of the blood.

Many kids today do not eat enough fruit, vegetables and a good variety of grains, meat and dairy products and therefore run the risk of having low intakes of several vitamins, such as vitamins A, B and C which will lead to a decrease of the nutritional profile of the children.

Even by aspiring to a healthy and nutritious diet, parents can’t be sure that it contains all the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals required to ensure a healthy start of their child’s life, but frequently consuming a supplement product like moringa  can.

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