Organic Certification

The organic certification of moringaRocX is not only subject to the strict EU regulations and is not only limited to the cultivation method and the correct land use, but also includes additional services of our complete team which implements these requirements also outside of our cultivation areas in the surrounding villages.

We can ensure that every stage from the farming process to packaging is following by standardised organic farming practises and EU Quality controlled to guarantee our clients gets the highest quality of moringaRocX. To certify and label our moringaRocX  100% Organic, the production processes has to use completely natural methods and has to be produced without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, sewage sludge, and are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, chemical food additives, artificial colour and flavour.

Our moringaRocX products have been developed by using a natural drying process to remove water from its fresh produce. This ensures the preservation of the nutritional value, flavour, texture, freshness, colour and aroma as well as improves the lifespan of the product. The drying process is a 100% organic method! By using Organic farming for our moringaRocX products also help to protect the health of our environment.

moringaRocX doesn't claim to be organic - it is certified organic! 

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